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"Couldn’t get the kids out of the pool long enough to go very far!"
Cumond [click to enlarge]Just along the road from Chez Bouchard are the château and houses of Cumond. It’s also where the mayor of St-Antoine-Cumond lives! Cumond has a wonderful old church and graveyard and there are often activities and events organised in the grounds of the château, including communal meals and a "son et lumière" in August.
St-Privat-des-Prés is a very small village about a mile away. It has a tiny bar, a post office, a public telephone and a well-stocked shop selling freshly made bread and croissants. The historic church is worth a visit, as is the village museum and old communal washing facilities. Many activities take place in and around the village and it’s worth looking out for posters in the shop publicising local fêtes, theatre "en plein air", the annual art competition...St-Privat-des-Prés [click to enlarge]
St-Antoine-Cumond [click to enlarge]St-Antoine-Cumond is just over a mile away on the road to Aubeterre-sur-Dronne. The village has a range of amenities, including a boulangerie, a post office, a bottle bank, recycling bins, a village hall, an excellent-value restaurant and a bar with a pool table and a TV. There are also many local activities organised throughout the year, such as weekly gym sessions and cycling excursions, and twice-weekly rambles. Over the last couple of years, the new mayor and his team have done much to improve the look of this lovely village: www.saint-antoine-cumond.com
Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is about 3 miles away. Listed as one of France’s "most beautiful villages", Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is a local treasure to explore over several days. There is a weekly Sunday-morning market and several restaurants, small shops, potteries and galleries. During the summer months, musical evenings are held in the church and the town square.Aubeterre-sur-Dronne [click to enlarge]
Beautiful town & villages [click to enlarge]We thoroughly recommend that you take the time to walk around Aubeterre. Absorb the sense of history as you follow narrow, winding passages from the château at the top of the village, down to the river below. Along the way, stop at Aubeterre’s ancient, monolithic church, which was hewn out of the rock on which the village stands. Other historic buildings worth a visit are the fabulous church of St-Jacques and the medieval hôpital.
Situated just the other side of the river is a sandy river-beach, which is safe for swimming and canoeing. Close by is the Aubeterre campsite which organises events and activities for tourists and locals during the summer months. Many of the campsite’s facilities are also open to the public, which include a football pitch, a volley ball court, a children’s play area and a restaurant and bar.Aubeterre-sur-Dronne [click to enlarge]
Bonnes [click to enlarge]Bonnes is a beautiful village not far away, near St-Aulaye. Situated on the River Dronne and with shops and a restaurant, the village is ideal for early evening walks. Stroll past picturesque houses, the old church and a watermill and then along the river for some while...
Ribérac is the main market town in the region and is approximately 8 miles east of La Maison aux Puits. It has a fantastic Friday-morning market, which is the largest in the Dordogne, and during the summer, there are occasional evening markets. During July there is also a musical festival.Lively local markets [click to enlarge]
Ribérac [click to enlarge]Ribérac has two large supermarkets, many small shops and bars and restaurants to cater for all tastes. There are also churches, sport facilities, internet cafés, a cinema, a theatre, an arts centre and a Tourist Information Office for the Dordogne region. You may well end up visiting Ribérac several times during your stay!
There are so many lovely places worth visiting during your stay. We have local maps and tourism brochures to borrow at La Maison aux Puits to help you decide where to visit, where to walk and where to eat!Ancient churches... [click to enlarge]
Shady bars! [click to enlarge]"The house is wonderful - you’ve done a fantastic job. We’ve had a lovely time. The villages and the towns are beautiful, and the restaurant in the château in Chalais is excellent..."

"... Thank you for a wonderful holiday!"
A little history...
The village of St-Antoine-Cumond dates back to Gallo-Roman times. The first enduring use of the locality, however, was by the Antonin family - hence the name of the village - who constructed a "commanderie" on the site (a mainly agricultural settlement with buildings). Some of the commanderie buildings dating from the 16th & 17th centuries still remain today.

An ancient priory; 17th/18th-century Château-de-Cumond; 12th-century church - various modifications made during the 18th & 19th centuries.

Resources & production
Vineyards; cereal farming; pastures for dairy farms; sheep; cattle; textiles.

Things to see
The Dronne valley; the Dordogne valley; gorges & caves; châteaux.

Things to do
Canoes; kayaks; fishing; rambling.
Area1214 ha (4,7 sq miles)
Altitude60 m (197 ft)
Useful contacts
Office de Tourisme
Tourisme département 24
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